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3D Paper Christmas Tree

Happy to introduce our new 3D Paper Christmas Tree SVG Template! Create enchanting paper trees that add a touch of magic to your festive decorations. This easy-to-use SVG template is perfect for DIY projects, allowing you to craft stunning Christmas trees with intricate details. This is 3 in 1 template. Make these paper craft project to decorate your Christmas tree or use as a Christmas home decoration. Add candies inside to transform this Christmas tree into holiday candy holder. Put fairy lights inside and get charming Christmas lantern. Download now and embark on a joyful crafting journey, bringing the spirit of the season to life with our 3D Paper Christmas Tree SVG Template.


Let’s make a charming DIY 3D Paper Christmas Tree

3d Christmas Tree SVG Template Step 1

This is layered template has been saved with the minimum size for cutting. If you use this project size, you’ll end up with a Christmas tree that’s 5.5 inches tall.

I provided approximate sizes at the size guide. The final size of the project may end up slightly smaller or larger.


DIY Christmas Tree made with Cricut

I recommend using two colors to craft this 3D Christmas tree. Add a touch of sparkle to the Christmas star with glitter or holographic cardstock. Combine white and brown, green and brown, red and white cardstock, or choose your own color combination for a personalized touch.

Please, don’t use too thin paper for the project, we recommend to use 59-80 lb (160-215 gsm) cardstock paper.


Here is a list of the materials and tools I used to make this project


3D Christmas Tree SVG Layered Template

Cut all the pieces and bend them as shown in the photo. You can either glue decorative stars at this step or after assembling the tree.


3d Christmas Tree SVG Template Step 2

Glue the Christmas tree pieces onto one of the two larger hexagons.


3d Christmas Tree SVG Template Step 3

Apply glue only to the star and then affix all the pieces together.


3d Christmas Tree SVG Template Step 4

Let’s make the base of the Christmas tree. Glue as it shown in the photo, then insert the narrow part into the larger hexagon.


3d Christmas Tree SVG Template Step 5

Attach the smaller hexagon to the opposite side of the structure using glue.

3d Christmas Tree SVG Template Step 7

Glue open-close “doors” as it is shown in the photo then glue the base and the Christmas tree together.


Thank you to those who have already purchased our 3D Christmas Tree SVG Bundle!

If you’d like to create it, just click on the photo below to purchase the template on our website!

3d christmas tree svg bundle


Enhance your skills effortlessly! Dive into mastery with our detailed step-by-step video tutorial. Watch and learn for a seamless and rewarding experience.




Happy crafting!

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