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How to make DIY Paper Hyacinth Flower

DIY Hyacinth Flower SVG Template

Hey there! Ever wanted to know how to make a lifelike DIY Paper Hyacinth Flower? Well, we’ve got you covered! Head over to Paper Flower Section on our website to grab the template. With our step-by-step instructions, you’ll be a pro in no time. While it’s a simple project, you’ll need a few supplies besides paper. Let’s get crafting together! ✂️

The first thing, you need to decide the way you will cut all the pieces. You can either fire up your cutting machine (I use Cricut Maker) or print out the pieces to cut with scissors.

Then you need to have flower wire, or some wooden stick (later you will find out why), floral tape, glue gun, some flat object for shaping petals (like a ruler, Cricut Scraper).

You’ve got two options for making this flower: the easy way and the more challenging way. But if you choose the difficult route, you’ll end up with a truly lifelike hyacinth flower.

So let’s start our trip with more challenging way!

I saved my project with recommended size for cutting, but hey, if you wanna go bigger, no problem! Just remember to maintain the proportions! Size of the whole project is 4.45″x4.9″ (2 pieces of the flower, flower center and 3 leaves).

I suggest coloring the petals because it makes them look more lifelike. You need to make about 45-50 small flowers for one hyacinth flower so you need to cut 90-100 separate petals. (If you choose easy way you need to make 20-25 flowers).

Paper Hyacinth Flower Tutorial

Cut flower centers.

Paper Hyacinth SVG

Curl a bit each petals. Watch our video tutorial to find out how I make it. Find the link at the bottom of the article.

Shape Hyacinth Flower

For each flower, you’ll need to make two types of petals. On each petal, you’ll notice three petals and a small “tail” for gluing the flower. Take a peek at the photo below. You’ll see that one piece of the flower is glued so that this “tail” is on the outside, while the other one is on the inside. You might wonder why you need to do this. Well, when you assemble your flower, hiding all the glued spots ensures a beautiful final result.

How to make Paper Hyacinth Flowers

Glue all the petals of our DIY hyacinth flower.

DIY Paper Hyacinth Flower Template

Next, cut flower wire to about 4″ each and glue the flower center to it, as shown in the photo. If you opt for the easier way, you can skip this step altogether. Simply roll all the centers and glue them without using any wire.

3D Paper Hyacinth Flower Template

Then glue all the flower pieces as I described before.
If you make easy way flower, you need to glue two pieces of the flower together then glue the flower center (without any wire!)

Here’s where the main difference between our two methods comes in.

If you choose the challenging way, you’ll need to shape the flower and connect each small flower using flower wire. Connect them layer by layer to achieve the size and volume of the flower you desire.

If you opt for the other method, simply take a wooden stick (a sushi stick works great), decorate it with green floral tape, and glue the flowers onto it. (I will show simple result at the end of this post).

Paper Hyacinth Flower SVG Template

Next, bend each leaf in half and gently curl the edges. Then, glue them to the stem. You can place your hyacinth flower in a pot or simply arrange them in a vase. We are officially done!

Realistic DIY Hyacint Paper Flower

As I promised, I show you the result if you will make flower with simple way =)

DIY Hyacinth Flower SVG


Hope you liked my post! If you’d like to make this flower too, simply click on the image below to be redirected to the Hyacinth Flower SVG Template.Hyacinth Flower SVG Template


What’s more, be sure to check out our video tutorial to see all the steps in action!


More video tutorials you can find on our  , YouTube Link and Pinterest Link!

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