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How to make Peony Paper Flower

How to make Peony Paper Flower SVG Template

Do you like peony flowers? Woluld you like to make the same one?

Discover our top tricks and tips for creating lifelike blooms!

One of my favourite flowers are peonies and it is so sad that they have a flowering period of literally a couple of weeks and that’s all. You can’t enjoy the beauty of these stunning flowers all year round. So I experimented for a long time and finally I nailed it! Alright, now I can spill the beans and share my experience with you, along with all my tips and tricks.

Let’s start to make Peony Flower!

The first step – cut all the details using a cutting machine or snip ’em out with scissors.

I saved my project with the recommended size for cutting ’cause it gives you a result closer to the real deal, ya know? But hey, you can totally scale it up if you wanna. But, if you’re thinking of making a smaller flower, swap out two of thin flower centers stripes for a bigger one, ’cause otherwise, you’ll run into some cutting issues.

Paper Peony Template


So at the top image I showed you two variants of coloring paper peony flower. You can use already colored cardstock or paint up some plain white paper with watercolor paints, pastel or etc.

Paper Peony Pieces


In addition, in this tutorial I will show you the way I used watercolor paints to coloration all the pieces of the flower.

First I used a several different green shades to whip up some gorgeous leaves and sepals. The sepals I coloured in the both sides.

Paper Peony Leaves

Secondly I colored both sides of stamens for maximum vibrance and similarities with real flowers.

Paper Peony Stamens

I added a bit of pink right in the middle of the flower petals to amp up the beauty factor and give the bloom a soft, rosy hue.

How to make Peony Paper Flower

Add a bit of charm to the flower, make a stripes on each petals as it is shown in the photo.

How to make DIY Peony Paper Flower

Gently and randomly shaped the petals. Curl the edges to add a natural look and volume to your paper peony flower.

Peony Paper Flower Petals

Curl the edges of the smallest petals inward.

DIY Peony Paper Flower Template

Gently curl the flower stamens.

DIY Peony Paper Flower SVG Template

Take 3 or 4 flower wires  (I talk about wire 1 mm in diameter and 12” length). Connect them together using floral tape.

Leave about 0.5” wire without tape from one side (you will glue there flower center stripes).

Peony Paper Flower Stem

Glue the stripes to the stem from thinner to thicker.

Peony Paper Flower SVG Template

Then take 3 smaller peony flower petals and glue them as it shown. 

Peony Paper Flower SVG Cut File

How to make Peony Paper Flower step 14


Next step – you need to choose all petals the shape we showed on the photo and glue all of them from smaller to bigger one.

How to make Peony Paper Flower step 16

Next you need to glue other remaining ones by bending the petals down, but pay attention, you need to leave 2 small petal layers.

How to make Peony Paper Flower step 17

Last but not least, the final step: glue two small petals to create a stunning flower that looks gorgeous from every angle.

How to make Peony Paper Flower step 18     Peony Paper Flower Sepals

Glue 3 sepals.

Peony Paper Flower Sepals

Let’s make leaves. 

Take flower wire (5 pieces of 4-5 inches each)

How to make Peony Flower Leaves step 1

Glue the piece of flower wire to one piece of the leaf.

How to make Peony Flower Leaves step 2

Glue the same leaf on top of the first one. Then bend the leaf in a half. 

How to make Peony Flower Leaves step 3

Glue all other 5 leaves and connect them using floral tape. 

How to make Peony Flower Leaves step 4

Connect our ready leaf to peony flower stem using floral tape.

How to make Peony Flower Tutorial

Yeeeeeep! We nailed it! Our paper peony flower is officially done! Hope you enjoyed the project!

DIY Peony Flower

You can get this Peony Paper Flower SVG Template on our website. Head over to our Paper Flower Section or simply click on the image below to hop straight to the listing.

DIY Peony Paper Flower SVG

Here is a list of the materials and tools I used to make this project

I think a video tutorials are always better because they allow you to see the process in action, providing step-by-step guidance and eliminating any confusion that may arise from written instructions. So experience the magic firsthand and watch our video tutorial!


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