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7 Must-Have Craft Tools and Supplies

7 Must-Have Craft Tools

For paper crafters, having the right tools and supplies can make all the difference in bringing their creations to life. In this article I’m just sharing my opinions and experience. As a paper flower crafter, I’ve decided to share a comprehensive list of tools that I use quite every time. Whether you’re a beginner or a follower eager to explore the world of crafting, discover the essential tools that power my creative process.

This isn’t an advertisement, and I’m not urging you to make purchases. I simply want to share the tools that have proven useful in my work. Explore this information, and if it resonates with you, feel free to incorporate these tools into your own creative projects. 

Okay, moving on now to my 7 must-have crafting tools and supplies.


Sugar Flower Foam Pad

7 Must-Have Craft Tools Foam Pad

Make softly curved petals and intricate veining detail using the foam pad. This tool is perfect for shaping flower centers and creating stunning petal shapes. While I personally use a foam pad, you can achieve the same results with any other soft surface, such as a yoga mat.


Ball Sphere Stylus

7 Must-Have Craft Tools Ball Sphere Stylusd

It is the second essential tool for shaping petals and leaves in my arsenal. Combination of Ball Stylus and Foam Mat is my go-to for shaping exquisite petals and leaves, adding both soft curves and intricate detailing. Whether you’re crafting flowers or foliage, using these tools together achieves beautiful results. 

Check out these videos for a visual preview of using the foam mat and ball sphere stylus. Sometimes, seeing is better than reading a bunch of text, right? Just click on the image to be redirected to the video tutorial.

How to make Peony Flower


Quilling Tool

7 Must-Have Craft Tools Quilling Tool

This absolute must have for crafting rolled flowers. This is a tool with a split tip and that securely holds the end of the paper as you roll it. While tweezers with thin edges can be used, they are not be as convenient.

How To Make Rolled Paper Flower Video Tutorial

Watch our video tutorial to find the way how to use quilling tool for simplify the process of making rolled flower! Just click on the image to be redirected to the video tutorial.


Craft Adhesives

7 Must-Have Craft Tools Adhesives

There are many types of glues that can be used in paper craft projects. And the most important thing for me is glue left no traces and quickly glue pieces of my project.

  1. I don’t use cheap regular PVA glue since it dries so slowly, and also it is water-based glue that tends to soak the paper and deform it after drying.
  2. Glue sticks are more fun to use. Adhesive sticks are supplied in a tube very similar to lipstick, but I don’t like to use this glue for big projects. Glued parts of the project may fall apart over some time. Maybe I just didn’t find a good glue stick. Share your go-to glue stick brand in the comments below; maybe your recommendation will sway my perspective!
  3. My choice and my recommendation is multipurpose transparent glue. Use some professional glue, because cheap glues do not allow you to get great results. So to find perfect glue for your paper crafts you need to test several glues and choose your favourite one.
  4. The next adhesive supplies you need for your projects are glue dots, double-sided tape and double-sided foam tape. You will add it between paper layers to add more shadows and space between them to make a project more attractive. Using double-sided tape is great for adding small details to any projects.
  5. Another indispensable tool for any crafters is a hot glue gun. These portable hand-held devices equipped with a continuous heating element designed to melt solid glue sticks. As the melted adhesive flows through the nozzle, it adheres seamlessly to your chosen object. Ideal for various paper crafts, glue guns excel in attaching accessories to your projects. For me, the glue gun is one of go-to adhesive for paper crafting!


If you’re on the quest for the one glue that suits all your needs, we’re sorry for bursting your bubble – it doesn’t exist. The perfect glue is a personal choice, and the ideal fit varies from person to person. Only the experimentation process allowed you to discover the options that work best for you.


Scissors and Paper Knife

7 Must-Have Craft Tools Scissors

If you want to get serious crafting, you need more than one pair of scissors and knives. Three or four pairs should suffice for various projects. Opt for thin and small scissors for intricate tasks, larger ones for cutting paper projects like flowers, and a substantial pair for handling heavyweight cardstock. Also you need to have a small craft knife with a thin edge for making small, precise cuts and a regular paper knife for some bigger projects. Having a versatile set ensures you’re prepared for crafting projects of all sizes.


Flower Wire

7 Must-Have Craft Tools Flower Wire

Flower wire, a versatile tool in the world of floral design, comes in various gauges and lengths to suit different needs. Whether crafting delicate boutonnieres or big flowers, flower wire will be an indespensable assistant. From creating stems to creating intricate arrangements, this handy accessory is a staple for florists and DIY enthusiasts alike, ensuring that every petal stays perfectly in place and flower will looks loke a real. You can bend is so ypu like or use a few one if you need to get shicker stem. The possibles are simply limitless. And now, onto the next essential supplice you can’t do without when making flowers.

7 Must-Have Craft Tools Wire Cutter

Another essential tool in my crafting arsenal is the wire cutter. While I didn’t add it to my list, I must emphasise its importance, especially for crafting paper flowers. This indispensable tool is perfect for bending wire edges and cutting the required lengths for creating flower stems. If paper flowers are on your crafting agenda, a reliable pair of wire cutters is a must-have for achieving precision and finesse in your projects.


Floral Tape

7 Must-Have Craft Tools Floral Tape

Is a crucial component in floral design, is a stretchable and adhesive tape used to secure stems, create arrangements, and conceal mechanics in flower arrangements. Its unique properties allow it to adhere to itself and various surfaces without leaving a sticky residue, ensuring a seamless and professional finish. Whether wrapping bouquet stems for a polished look or bundling floral elements together, floral tape provides stability and support while allowing for flexibility in design. With its ability to blend seamlessly with foliage and flowers, floral tape is an indispensable tool for florists and hobbyists alike, enabling the creation of stunning floral compositions with ease.


Thanks for your attention and have a happy crafting experience!


More video tutorials you can find on our , YouTube Link and Pinterest Link!

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